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Sunday, June 23, 2019

9+ of the Best Homemade Birthday Cake Ideas

Birthday parties are special events that are celebrated by many people, including you, every year. You usually invite friends to this event. Therefore, special birthday cakes are a must. What birthday cake ideas should you try?

Birthday cakes don't have to be expensive or big. You don't need to order it at the pastry shop too - homemade ones will be much better in terms of satisfaction. You can even try to elaborate on the form because you made it.

Knowing who you are baking for will be a good way to measure how big or sweet your birthday cake should be. If you are going to celebrate with many children or friends, it is strongly recommended to make a big one.

You can ask them what kind of cake they want for their birthday party. This can also make them more excited when they see their favorite cake appear as they expected.

1. Yummy Banana Cake

Who won't salivate when he sees this delicious banana cake displayed in front of you? Looks so tempting with trivia that are covered with vanilla cakes and vanilla pudding. Bananas are not only rich in potassium and fiber, but bananas are also delicious.

The desserts inspired by cakes and ice cream are covered in a delicious chocolate sauce that will really tempt you to eat it.

2. Tasty Popcorn Cake

After dealing with birthday party decorations and sending invitations, the final preparation is baking cookies. But what cake do you have to make? This cake should not be too difficult to make - and it tastes tempting.

Very tasty cakes! This cake will certainly melt your heart with a layer of soft and soft chocolate and tasteful popcorn poured with caramel sauce.

3. Rainbow Cake with Vanilla

Beautiful rainbows usually appear in the sky after rain. This might inspire people to make rainbow cakes. As close to the original, this cake has the same color as the original rainbow.

You can make a delicious rainbow cake with vanilla cream on top. Some fruits like cherries can be a sweet addition to him. Or, you can even enter a number or name too.

4. Music Themed Cakes

Men will also be happy if you have a birthday party for them. If, incidentally, he likes things related to music or he himself is a musician, giving him a cake inspired by music will not go wrong - especially with the instrument he likes the most.

If you like to challenge yourself, make an instrument cake instead. Obviously it will require good skills and you can make it long before a birthday event will be held.

5. Heroes Themed Cakes

Heroes-themed films often get some money and popularity. The stars played in the film will be famous in an instant. This phenomenon is what drives many bakers to make cakes with the same idea - cakes with heroes and action figures.

Disney's Frozen is loved by children all over the world. If your children are one of them, making this their birthday present will be a big surprise.

6. Harley Davidson Cakes

A man who likes adventure and traveling will choose a motorcycle rather than an expensive car. Making a cake inspired by Harley Davidson on his birthday will make his birthday feel so memorable.

Not everyone who likes something will be happy if they are given the same thing they like or like. But it's not wrong to make them homemade cakes with themed cakes that make them crazy most about their birthdays, right?

7. Minion Cake

This mini, yellow, banana-like creature is called a Minion. They first appeared in a film called Despicable Me and have gained fame throughout the world ever since. I am sure your children will be satisfied to have this Minion cake for their birthday.

Minions will motivate your children to be brave and love their friends in every situation they face, whether it's bad or good.

8. Carrot Flavor Cake

More often than not, you find a cake with the same ingredients, shapes and recipes that don't seem to arouse your appetite too much when you see it. If you are looking for a new cake with unique recipes, then I suggest you try it.

This cake is made from carrots, yes carrot. And it is combined with pineapple and coconut to create a delicious, delicious taste. This will also be a birthday cake that is far healthier than others, right?

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